Law Office Milošević at Advokat Magazine

In June’s issue of the Serbian Bar Association’s magazine “Advokat” an article titled “The Truth on International Disputes; No, Serbia Does Not Lose Arbitrations”[1] was published. The article mentions Filip Milošević, Partner at Law Office Milošević, as a rising young attorney who took on a role as one of the key team members that have successfully represented the Republic of Serbia, as well as state-owned enterprises in international arbitrations.

The article itself debunks the public opinion that Serbia loses arbitrations against foreign entities by stating that in the last 15 years in which Serbia participated in several commercial and investment arbitrations, it has indeed won in those proceedings. Specifically, in cases where the state was respondent, the claims have been rejected either entirely or for the most part. On the other hand, in cases where Serbia was the claimant, the claims have usually been granted.

Therefore, Law Office Milošević is proud to have a team member such as Filip Milošević, who is part of a new generation of lawyers and legal experts who have auspiciously represented Serbia in international arbitrations, and it is glad to keep supporting him as well as other team members who would embark on this path in the future.

[1] “Istina o međunarodnim sporovima; Ne, Srbija ne gubi arbitraže.”