Law Office Milošević at INAT Summit 2019

On 05 – 07 June 2019 INAT Centre held its third IT conference in Belgrade – INAT Summit 2019. INAT Centre itself was founded in order to promote capacity building for the next generation of ICT workforce and collaboration with leading international stakeholders since it has recognized that entrepreneurs in SEE need to exchange even more knowledge with their international colleagues. Therefore, the third INAT Summit gathered speakers from more than 10 countries of the world, with the involvement from a large number of companies.

The first day of conference was reserved for a networking event, while over the course of the following 2 days a vast number of panels were held covering various topics. One of the panels was named “Scale Your Business beyond Your Market with Right Partners, Projects and Investments” where one of the speakers was Filip Milošević, Partner at Law Office Milošević, who has a leading role in the firm’s information technologies sector and transactions. Filip touched upon various topics such as obstacles that startups face while trying to establish their operations from a legal point of view, as well as VC funding and acquisition of tech startups.

Law Office Milošević is delighted to have been a part of an ever-growing conference such as INAT Summit which gathers young professionals in the IT field who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.