Outlines of Procedure Before the Historical Archive of Belgrade for Archiving of Documents of Company in Liquidation

Procedure for archiving with the Historical Archives of Belgrade (HAB) is initiated by the minutes on the performed professional supervision of archiving, expert maintenance and selection of archival material, which is required in order to open dossier of the company in the Active Registry held by the HAB.

During the supervision, officer of the HAB establishes whether the company has adopted the following internal acts:

  • Office Management Rulebook;
  • List of Categories of Archival Material and Registry Material with Retention Period; and
  • Archive Book form.

Final text of the List of Categories is subject to approval of the HAB, in order to satisfy statutory requirements for keeping of documents.

Adopting of these three documents is a precondition for entering into the process of disposal of worthless registry material, which is also carried out on basis of approval of the HAB, in accordance with prescribed statutory deadlines for keeping of company documents, irrespective of where documents are held.

Disposal of worthless documents cannot be granted if the company does not record the entire documentation in the Archive Book form. Usually, disposal of the worthless documents is carried out in cooperation with a separate private depot(s) where documentation is often stored, because capacity of the HAB for acceptance of new documents is extremely limited.

In Law Office Milošević’s practice, only documents which are kept for unlimited period of time according to statutory requirements are submitted to the HAB, if possible, due to lack of space.