Law Office Milošević and Abaco Ltd Contributed to Ship Arrests in Practice 2018

Radomir Milošević, Managing Partner at Law Office Milošević and a member of the Network, together with Abaco Ltd, contributed to the eleventh edition of the “Ship Arrests in Practice” 2018, which represents a comprehensive guide to ship arrest and release procedures in 93 jurisdictions.

Radomir is an attorney at law with more than three decades of expertise in maritime law and inland navigation law. He contributed to the above-mentioned publication by covering Serbian section and Montenegrin section, elaborating on ship arrest practice in these jurisdictions.

The report covers matters such as jurisdiction, applicable legislation, procedural aspects of the arrest and release of a ship, types of security, wrongful arrest, types of claims for which the ship can be arrested, position of sister ships and ships in associated ownership, among others.

The report contains concise and clear answers regarding the above-mentioned matters, which allow the readers to familiarize themselves with ship arrest practices in certain jurisdictions providing them with crucial information without being overbearing, since the topic itself is certainly extensive and broad.