Radomir Milošević
Partner / Attorney at Law
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Dragoslav Bjelić
Attorney at Law
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The role of lawyers in insurance industry is complex and involves in-depth knowledge of the background and all specifics of the Serbian law. We at Law Office Milošević are committed to helping our clients respond to evolving industry changes and meet the challenges of future trends. Our lawyers cover multiple categories related to insurance and reinsurance and advise our clients about various types of insurance claims and disputes.

Being of high importance to individuals and businesses, our primary function is to establish and to represent insurance coverage for specific occurrences, following the rights and obligations of the insurer and assured. Our experienced lawyers handle commercial insurance claims and other complex insurance coverage issues.

Over the years, together with experienced insurance brokers and surveyors we have represented businesses, individuals and insurance companies regarding insurance law and regulations.

Our team is specialized in provision of services that include:

  • Transportation insurance
  • Non-life and life insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Insurance regulatory and compliance
  • Insurance disputes
  • Vehicle, ship and aircraft insurance
  • Risk management and prevention