Dragoslav Bijelić

Attorney at Law


+381 11 3448 398
+381 11 3448 548

Dragoslav has been with Law Office Milošević since 1998. During more than 30 years of experience in practicing law, Dragoslav has been involved in numerous high-profile commercial transactions in Serbia and Montenegro in a variety of industries, where he acquired extensive experience.

His professional involvement primarily comprises of legal services in areas of international commercial transactions and, dispute resolution in the fields of insurance, shipping (maritime/inland navigation) and transportation law, IP, real estate, probate and family law. Dragoslav is a veteran litigator and as a member of the firm’s litigation team is responsible for forcefully and eloquently representing both foreign and domestic clients before the law courts in Serbia and Montenegro and arbitration tribunal.

Furthermore, he is a sworn-to-court English interpreter and recognized as a trustworthy lawyer by USA, Canadian and Australian embassies in Serbia and Serbian diaspora from these parts of the globe.

Dragoslav graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law in 1978 and holds a Master of Comparative Jurisprudence degree from the New York University School of Law. He is a member of the Serbian and Belgrade Bar Association since 1985.