Technology, Media And Telecoms


Filip Milošević
Partner / Attorney at Law
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Jelena Armuš
Attorney at Law
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Law Office Milošević’s multidisciplinary team is specialized in providing a combination of products and services, all related to information and communication. Giving insights into all the issues involved in TMT landscape, we are committed to deep understanding of technology, media and telecoms, which are leading new revolutions and driving our client’s business.  Our integrated team of experts cooperates with our clients daily, ensuring safe and easy practice through all stages of their business.

In order to stay relevant, our lawyers cover all aspects regarding technology, media and telecoms as well as vast areas which come along with this industry sector, including commercial, regulatory, corporate and M&A, finance, competition, employment and pensions, intellectual property, dispute resolution, real estate and shipment and transportation.  Being a firm that always finds innovative solutions, we are proud to say that over the years, we have represented different scale clients, from startups to international corporations.

Our team is specialized in provision of services that include:

  • Technology
    • Advising technology and e-business companies
    • Corporate transactions and management of legal risks
    • Public procurement
    • E-business
    • Internet incubator venture capital investments
    • Internet startups and joint ventures (incorporation, business development and exit strategies)
  • Media
    • Television, radio and other media regulations
    • Radio and television regulatory permits, licenses and compliance
    • Sale and purchase of media companies
    • Public tenders
  • Telecommunications
    • Telecommunications regulations
    • Drafting agreements (equipment, service agreements, telecom. capacities, general T&C)
    • Advising and monitoring of network financing and outsourcing