Data Protection


Filip Milošević
Partner / Attorney at Law
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Dušan Aleksić
Attorney at Law
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Our professional team meets the client’s needs to implement data protection and cyber security. We have guided many clients through regulatory matrix of data protection processes. We counsel both data controllers and processors, as well as data subjects, about collecting, processing, transferring and storing of data and other privacy and consumer protection matters.

Our data protection experts keep abreast of any changes in the law and compliance with data privacy and security regulations. Keeping one step ahead, we tend to eliminate any potential risk in order to ensure the privacy and integrity of the business.

We represent a diverse group of clients from across industries such as ICT sector, e-commerce, employment, insurance, retail, media sectors, financial services, commercial and professional service, all handling voluminous personal data.

Our team is specialized in provision of services that include:

  • Creating data protection and cybersecurity regulatory framework
  • Advising on legal issues, regulations and litigation
  • Development and implementation of privacy and data use policies
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements, Controller to Processor Contracts
  • Strategic regulatory compliance advice
  • Communication and coordination with competent personal data protection authorities
  • Registration of records that contain personal data
  • Data transfer approval procedures
  • Data retention
  • Video surveillance
  • GDPR compliance
  • General data protection compliance