Filip Milošević
Partner / Attorney at Law
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Željko Gvoić
Attorney at Law
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Being an area of law which is strongly based on EC and Serbian CPC decisions, we not only provide legal framework for our clients but also keep track of milestone cases of the competent authorities. But before any practice, we tend to have deep understanding of our client’s industry. In order to provide the best counseling for our clients and determine whether their plans are compliant with competition regulations, we process many other factors before acting upon them and do investigatory work.

While working on our clients’ cases, we talk to experts to ensure deeper knowledge of all market issues involved. We are aware that paired with any major M&A transaction merger clearance issues play an important phase of such transaction, hence this matter is emphasized to the clients. We provide legal counseling to our clients regarding restrictive agreements and exclusion thereof, to ensure they operate fairly for consumers, implement their strategy and guide them to achieving their goals.

Our team is specialized in provision of services that include:

  • Merger control
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Restrictive agreements (vertical and horizontal)
  • Representation before regulatory agencies and courts
  • Merger control (notifications, concentrations, pre-merger filings)
  • State aid
  • Franchising agreements
  • License agreements